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Good ol' Local Junk Hauling, Recycling, & Cleanup

Henderson’s Hauling, Recycling, & Cleanup is a full-service junk removal and recycling company based out of Arlington, WA serving residential and commercial across Western Washington.

Full-service Junk Removal

Owner Operated on the Job Site

Most businesses don’t have an actual owner on the job site making sure things go as the customer sees fit. We do.

Local Business

We a bunch of “good ol boys” from the town of Arlington, WA. And we’re recommended by your neighbors!

People Who Care

Clean and reliable service. We take special care even in the toughest of situations.

On-Time when You Need Us

Fast and accurate quotes and in-and-out service. We show up on time, work hard, and get finished quickly.

Quality, Careful, Professional

Shane Henderson has been in the junk business for years. I guess you could say he is your local hard-working junk remover. Serving the Arlington, Marysville, Stanwood, and Camano Island areas for the life of his business he knows exactly what you need to get the job done right the first time.

If you’ve got junk we can remove it!

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10 Yard Dumpster Rental
$350 plus the dump fees to drop a 10-yard dumpster in your driveway
The first three days are free
After the three days, it's five dollars per day to rent it
Arlington Clean-up Services & Solutions

Have you seen your garage lately? It's a mess, right? There are tons of boxes falling over other boxes. Look at that box over there in the corner. Do you even know what's in that box? And look at those computers over in the other corner? Are you planning on salvaging them with all the outdated computer equipment shoved in that storage bin? Why on earth are you using old litter pans as storage containers? Is that a pile of old shoes? And look over there? Have you ever thought about your collection of 80's and 90's CDs? Poor Justin Timberlake is on the bottom of a pile of clothes that you meant to donate. What are we trying to say?

You need to clean your garage.

We are certainly not judging you. We want to do the opposite by helping you. We understand that sorting through the things you don’t want can be stressful. If you just put aside the things you no longer use, we'll come get it for you. The stressful part of cleaning up is that once you put the items you no longer want aside, you don’t know what to do with it all. That is where we come in. You throw it in a pile, call us, and we’ll come to your rescue. We are Henderson's Hauling Recycling & Clean up. We are Arlington's #1 junk hauling service, and we are here to save you from the mess that has brought you down for the past year. We understand that cleaning your garage is not easy, but we also know how great you will feel once it’s done! Just think about all that space you can enjoy once it’s clean. When you clean your space, your mind instantly feels clear and open. Most importantly, you can pile up what you do not want, and we’ll take it away.

Henderson’s Hauling are your clean-up and haul away specialists.

  • We are a local company in Arlington, WA and we are liscenced and insured.
  • We are friendly and professional. We will listen to you, respect your property, and keep it clean during our work.
  • We arrive on time, every time! We believe in being reliable in our business practices to provide a higher level of customer service to our clients.
  • Our service is efficient yet effective; we know how to get the job done right without wasting time or resources.
Whether you're cleaning out the garage or renovating your entire house, Henderson's Hauling is your go-to resource for junk hauling, recycling, and cleanup. From a single box of old clothes to a full estate cleanout, we can do it all—and at a price that won’t break the bank. We service residential and commercial clients throughout Western Washington. Contact us Now! (360) 403-7972

We are just a bunch of “good ol boys” with a ton of hauling experience.

We are just a bunch of “good ol boys” with a ton or hauling experience. We have been in the junk hauling business for over 15 years and know the industry inside out. We are a family-owned business with a full-time staff of 6, as well as our fleet of trucks and trailers. We  offer recycling and hauling services, so you can choose to get rid of your old stuff in any way you want!


We clean up all kinds of messes besides garages. Sometimes, weather or accidents in the Arlington area include trees falling on houses, fires, damage to buildings and structures or other unforeseen acts of nature. If an incident has occured and you need tarping or protection, we clean up the materials that are dangerous and could hurt someone. Our professional clean up services include:  
  • Brush Removal
  • Demolition
  • Emergency tarping

Property Management

We haul away the leftovers of a runaway renter or anyone who has surrendered their belongings. We offer full service property clean out.


We have several options for 10-yard dumpsters that are available for rent plus Uhaul truck rentals

Why Henderson’s Hauling of Arlington offers better, quality service

Our job is to make sure that your junk removal is done properly. That’s why our owner, Shane Henderson, is always on the job site making sure that all of our customers are happy with everything we do. If you ever need the boss, he is right there.

We are quite passionate about your junk removal.

We are not only in the business of helping our neighbors clean up their space but we are also dedicated to helping others find quality reusable items. Reusing household items benefit everyone, including the planet. Feel free to visit our store and learn how your unwanted items are assisting people that could not otherwise afford these things. We have years of experience in the industry, and we know exactly what you need to make sure your clean-up job gets done right the first time. As a proud member of the community, we fully believe in paying it forward and donating unused items back to those in need. Our personal touch and how we can handle tough and messy jobs have made a name for us. We are fast, friendly, professional, and work with a smile. We care about your home and property and work carefully and intentionally so nothing gets damaged. Our motto is "Yes, we can!"
  • It’s okay. We won’t tell that you kept the Nsync CD.
“The  listed services do not begin to capture what all Shane and his delightful, respectful, and hardworking crew did to orchestrate my move to another state!  From the planning to the careful packing and wrapping to the actual move itself, it was perfection - and when promised!  After having some problems with a mover years ago, I was overjoyed to find such quality in a business!  Thank you Shane and crew! God bless you!” ~ Cheryl Delhagen Call Henderson’s Hauling for recycling, junk hauling & clean up! Clean up your space for less. (360) 403-7972

Arlington Pickers

Your Hometown Vintage Market

Arlington Recycling

Arlington Recycling

Arlington Junk Hauling, Junk Removal, Recycling, Pick up, Haul away

We understand that it is difficult to accomplish spring cleaning and organizing at the same time. With rain pummeling our region, and less sunny days, decluttering might be the last thing you want to do. That is why we are here to help you declutter your life and haul away those eyesores. When you call Henderson’s Hauling, help is on the way! Decluttering is hard! It’s not easy to just start going through stuff, and then picking it all up, loading it in your car or truck and taking it somewhere that won’t charge you too much. Most people have to jam their cars with stuff, and try to find a place to take it all. That’s why we offer affordable pick up and hauling services. Call Henderson’s Hauling junk hauling & removal services: (360) 403-7972 Need a full-service junk removal and recycling company? Henderson’s Hauling, is a full-service junk removal and recycling company based out of Arlington, WA serving residential and commercial clients across Western Washington. Our friendly and professional team will efficiently remove anything you need to get rid of – from construction debris and old furniture to bulky appliances and yard waste. You don't have to lug your stuff to the landfill or donate it to Goodwill. Henderson’s Hauling is here to recycle your unwanted items, including furniture, appliances, electronics, and more. Stop leaving that old couch in your garage or dumping your junk into recycling bins—let us take care of it for you!

We offer full-service junk removal and recycling in Arlington!

We provide junk removal and recycling services in Arlington and around the Puget Sound. We make it easy for you to get rid of your unwanted clutter quickly, safely, and cost effectively. Have a garage or yard full of stuff? We’ll come out and haul it away while you relax. No need to strain your back. We have a team of experts that pick up your things the right way. We respect you and your property. Call Henderson’s Hauling today (360) 403-7972 All you have to do is prepare your items that need to go. We’ll come and pick it up. Our goal here at Henderson’s Hauling is to help you get rid of every part of your junk! We will haul away whatever old items you have, from clutter in your junk drawer to an entire house full of trash.  Your stuff might have been useful in the past but now it's taking up space and filling your life with chaos. Leave those old things behind for us to take somewhere where they can be put to better use by someone else!

When you recycle in Arlington, you help the whole world. 

We will remove and recycle your unwanted items. You can trust us to be honest, hard-working citizens with a passion for giving back to the community. Henderson’s Hauling will take just about anything! Clothes, antiques, lamps, tons of collectibles, estate leftovers, and old appliaces. Whatever you have, we will haul it away! We are willing to take your reusable or unusable junk so they can be reused and repurposed by those in need. Our company recycles and repurposes usable items that otherwise end up in landfills and waste dumps. We will pick up the usable items on your property, such as clothes, antiques, lamps, antique furniture and more!

Pros of using Henderson’s Hauling to haul and recycle your stuff.

  • A clean space renews you.
  • If you are selling, a clean home attracts more buyers.
  • Reduces pollution
  • Prevents waste of useful materials
  • Materials such as plastics, paper and glass are collected and sent for reprocessing into new products.
  • Recycling helps conserve the use of natural resources.
  • We’ll take the reusable items to the proper locations to save you money, time and stress.

When you recycle, you are a hero.

We’ll pick up your large items, but you get the good karma credits. Recycling helps the environment and saves natural resources. Recycling saves money, energy and the earth’s precious land, water, air and minerals. We will haul anything for you. Just ask. Recycling is a way to avoid waste. Recycling helps us reduce the consumption of new products and conserve the Earth’s resources. If we all start recycling, there will be less pollution, and our planet will be healthier. Recycling is an important way to save natural resources. You can recycle almost anything, from old cars, furniture to electronics and even clothes! It helps the environment, reduces carbon emissions and leads to a cleaner, healthier planet for us all. We don’t want to give you a sermon about recycling, but we will pick up whatever you need to throw away! Even if it is not a good recycling item, such as old wallpaper, appliances, concrete, spackle, tires, car parts, or whatever else, we know what to do with it. Just point and it’s gone.

Services Include:

  • Full Service Junk Removal  
  • Eviction Clean outs
  • Yard Waste Removal
  • Junk Removal

Additional Services Include:

We also offer 10 yard dumpster rentals and UHAUL truck rentals!

Committed to Customer Service

We are committed to serving the community of Arlington and all of the surrounding areas. We have been in the junk hauling business for over 15 years, and take pride in our customer satisfaction and service record. At Henderson's Hauling, customer service is our number one priority. We are proud to be a local business and family owned; your satisfaction is guaranteed when you choose us to remove your large recycling and unusable items. I was so impressed with the job that Henderson Hauling did cleaning the roof and gutters on our home and also our rental. They responded immediately to my request and were able to come the next day to do the work.  Our houses are under cedar trees and needed extra scrubbing to get them clean. Miles was friendly and thorough and did an amazing job for a very reasonable price. I'm so glad we have trustworthy businesses like this in our community.” ~ JANICE BROWELEIT Call Henderson’s Hauling today!  (360) 403-7972

Brush Removal

In the event of a tree falling in your yard, we can cut it up and chip up branches. We have great contacts to negotiate with claims with your insurance company.


Henderson Hauling is proud to offer residential demolition and debris removal services for home renovation and construction projects. Whether you need a complete home cleanup or just a few rooms tidied up, count on our team to deliver professional-grade demolition services for all your home improvement needs.

Emergency Tarping

In the event of a tree falling on your home, or a fire in your home, we can provide a temporary tarp to protect the home from the climate elements; tree removal as well. To secure the home or business, we can provide temporary doors on buildings that accidentally hit by cars.

Eviction Cleanouts

When eviction needs to happen, we can carefully follow the court order and place home owner items in the front yard with the assistant of the local police. We can also haul things to the dump as directed by the court.

Free appliance pick-up

Clean up your property with junk removal and free appliance pick-up

Are you weighed down with too much junk? Are you tired of not being able to find anything in an overfilled garage? Does stuff fall out of your closets as soon as you open them? Have you had it with a yard full of debris? Do you have tons of unusable items cluttering your life?  You have to clean it up! You’ve got to have peace of mind! It won't happen until your space is clean and tidy. You tell yourself you'll deal with it every weekend, but you don't, and the kids stare at it without doing anything! It's an overwhelming task, and the undertaking will take weeks to clean by yourself.

Henderson Hauling removes junk and puts your mind to rest!

You don't have to take it anymore! You need a break from the burden of too much stuff!  Relief is on the way when you call Henderson's Hauling. (360) 403-7972 We arrive at your home to pick up, demolish, deconstruct and assist you with full-service junk removal. We haul away piles of debris and unused items, including concrete piles, fallen trees, rusty furniture, old tires, cars, boats, and more. Whether your mess is big or small, we’ll make sure your junk is gone. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed anymore. We’ll help you feel better by getting rid of all that stuff. We do complete property cleanouts, haul away waste and rubbish, renovation leftovers, remnants from construction projects, leftover sheetrock, spackling, and more. We’ll recycle what we can and take care of the rest.

Junk Removal Services restore your property.

You've made a great decision to help keep your home in order, but only if you start now! Our team of award-winning professionals will tackle the mess for you and leave your property neat. We are well known in the Arlington area for providing fast and efficient junk removal services at a great price. Our well-trained, experienced professionals care about your satisfaction. Our junk removal team is vetted with background checks and is known for trustworthiness and decency in the Arlington area. We treat your home and property with the utmost respect while getting the job done quickly. We arrive on time and complete the job to your satisfaction. We will exceed your expectations and leave you with a feeling of renewal when your property is clean and restored.

Free Appliance Removal Special Offer!

When you call us to come out for a job cost estimate, we’ll give you a complimentary appliance removal service. We will remove a broken-down appliance from your property when you call us for a junk removal quote. Do you have an old refrigerator that’s rusting away in the garage? What about a broken washing machine? Appliances are heavy, cumbersome, and hard to move. Without a truck to haul them away, those appliances hang around for years. We will take that big old rusty eyesore away, and you’ll never have to see it again.

How does it work?

All you have to do is call us, Henderson Hauling, at (360) 403-7972. We’ll set a date for us to meet you at your property and look at what else needs hauling. While we’re there, we’ll take away your giant appliance. Free of charge! Only Arlington residents get this once-in-a-lifetime offer! Your zip code must be 98223 to qualify for this free service. Appliances must be in the garage or driveway. Some restrictions apply.

Need a trailer? Rent a trailer.

You have the option to rent a 10 Yard Dump Trailer to throw away your unusable material. Offer is for 98223 residents only. $400 plus tax . May be subject to an additional fuel/delivery charge. Call for more information. (360) 403-7972

Henderson Hauling is different from the rest.

Our personal touch and how we can handle tough and messy jobs have made a name for us and given us lifelong customers. We are fast, friendly, professional, and work with a smile. We care about your home and property and work carefully and intentionally, so nothing gets damaged. We don't like saying no, and we like doing things as soon as possible! Our motto is "Yes, we can!"

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our awesome reviews!

“These guys were amazing from start to finish. I highly recommend them. Fast, reliable and good communication.  They did about a half acre of junk, covered in raspberry bushes in just 3 days. Including a mobile home that had disintegrated down to the frame.  I just can't say enough. Highly, highly recommended.” ~ Crystal T., Marysville   “Henderson's hauling was amazing! They were SO quick to respond and were at our house to pick up a large couch within the hour! They were super nice when they came by, and I really appreciate how fast they came by. Thanks so much!” ~ Hannah J., Arlington   “Henderson's Hauling is awesome, and Shane and his guys are all great. My wife and I just moved to the area and they helped to move our very heavy piano down a narrow flight of stairs to our "basement" area, as well as moving a heavy couch up for us so we could haul to the dump (and at no extra charge). I will definitely use them again for future moves and definitely recommend to anyone looking! Good service, very professional, and nice people all around.” ~Matt H., Everett

Call Henderson Hauling for Good ol’ local junk hauling, recycling & clean up! Clean up your space for less.

(360) 403-7972


Full-service Junk Removal

Just point at the item, we make it go away! Clutter in attic space, clear out a garage, remove a broken shed, pools. Anything and everything.

Junk Hauling – Marysville

Is clutter wearing you down? Waste, garbage, clutter, and old unusable items can straight out make you depressed. Do you own a garage so full of stuff that you can't park your car inside? That's the perfect sign that you need help cleaning up. Do you have an old heap of metal, old cars, and rusty equipment that is totally useless and makes your yard look like a junkyard? Do you have people coming to your house asking if they can pick and pull from your yard? You have to get rid of those terrible items that are bad for you and the environment. Let us haul your nightmares away. If you live in Marysville, Washington, and you need to clean up your land from the hazards of too much junk, call Henderson's Hauling. We will come and pick up your stuff. (360) 403-7972 Once you see a clean and empty space, your mood will lift and you will feel enlightened. You will only feel better when you finally call us to clear out your space. We are Henderson’s Hauling and we haul and remove your junk including:

  • Items for recycling
  • Construction waste
  • Brush removal
  • Old appliances
  • Antiques
  • Boxes
  • Old furniture
  • Old rugs
  • Leftover paneling
We’ll help with:
  • Eviction Clean-out
  • Demolition
  • Emergency Tarping
  • Dumpster Rental
  • Full-Service Junk Removal
Licensed, bonded, and insured, our professionals respect you and your property with the utmost care. No matter how big or small the mess is, we are happy to haul it away!

Junk Hauling Services

Junk Hauling is what we do, and we can help you with your junk hauling needs. We know it is not fun, but for us, we don’t have any problems hauling away your hassles. At Henderson Hauling, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our junk removal pros provide full-service junk hauling for your home or business, including offices, retail locations, construction sites, and more. Whether you need a single item removed or multiple truckloads hauled away, our team will handle the job quickly and efficiently. All of our work is 100% guaranteed, so you can be sure that your space will be clear and clean once we are gone!


  • Recycling turns usable waste materials into new products, cutting down on the amount of rubbish that goes into landfills and incinerators. By recycling, people can also reduce their carbon footprints and save energy. We take recycling to proper relocations centers and you don’t have to deal with it anymore.
  • Recycling is one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact on the world in which we live. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are important tools to eliminate waste and conserve natural resources.
  • Recycling is important to both the natural environment and us. We must act fast as the amount of waste we create is increasing all the time. The amount of garbage in our trash can tells us how much energy we’re using from our non-renewable resources (coal, oil, gas) to produce products that we only use once then throw away.
Leave it to us and we’ll take it out of your hands!

Clean up Brush Removal

We have the experience and knowledge to handle your property clean up needs. We offer quick, affordable service with a smile. Our staff is happy to help you remove brush or other items from your home or business. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. (360) 403-7972

Demolition Eviction Clean Out

  • We can clean out your home, business or property.
  • We can clean up after a tenant leaves.
  • We can clean out your garage, shed or other outbuilding.
  • We take care of everything! Our crew is licensed, insured and bonded and we are environmentally conscious.

Emergency Tarping

  • First, you should know that not every tarping job is an emergency situation.
  • The worst thing you can do in a tarping emergency is panic, so take a moment to evaluate the damage and determine if this is truly an emergency situation or not.
  • Your roof may have been damaged during a storm or by debris falling on it. We provide tarping to keep you and your home safe.

10 Yard Dumpster Rental

A 10 yard dumpster rental is our standard roll off dumpster. This size is great for small jobs, like garage cleanouts and kitchen remodels. What are the dimensions of a 10 yard dumpster? Size: 12 ft long by 8 ft wide by 3 ½ ft high Weight limit: 4 tons Capacity: 10 cubic yards of waste (equivalent to 13 standard pickup truck loads) or 40 4’x8’ pieces of plywood

Dumpster Rental U-Haul Truck Rentals

Call Us Now For A Free Quote We will remove any unwanted items that you no longer need or want from your home, garage, yard or business. We care about our environment and the earth. We recycle, reuse and donate as much of your unwanted items as possible. We are dedicated to reducing waste and encourage everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible. By recycling we are helping reduce greenhouse gasses and saving energy and natural resources for future generations. Our goal is to take this challenge one step further by donating certain items that we pick up to local charities in order to help people in need in the community. As soon as you clean your space, you will feel lighter, spacious and free!

Call Henderson’s Hauling for junk removal today! (360) 403-7972

Marysville Recycling


Marysville Recycling Services

Q: Where do you take Marysville Recycling?

A: Don’t take it anywhere because we’ll pick it up!

Spring cleaning is tough, and it is even harder when you’re trying to organize in the rain that pummels the Pacific Northwest. You may be asking if you’ll ever see the sun again or if you’ll ever see your property free from the clutter that has gathered in your garage, closets, yard, or house. We know it’s all too much. Where on earth do you take the mountain of junk, and how do you get it there? You can stuff your car with it and make 57 trips to the recycling centers, but who knows if they will take it? Recycling centers only take certain items. What do you do when you have too much stuff, or your items are too big for Marysville recycling? You can pay a lot of money to haul multiple car loads to the dump. Unfortunately you have to pay for each car load. Is it even possible to pack the car up? Do you want to do back breaking labor that wears you out and takes a long time? If you live in Marysville and need to unload a mess of recycling, waste, old items, metal parts, and more, we can help! Did you know that recycling in Marysville is mandatory? Your local recycling center takes some things but not all things. We take most! Your local recycling center also does not come to your house and pick up heavy items that you can’t lift. We do!!! We are Henderson’s Hauling and we haul away your old stuff. It only takes a phone call and we’ll be there to remove and recycle your items that sit and clutter your space. (360) 403-7972

We offer full-service junk removal and recycling in Marysville!

We pick up your stuff!

What you need to know is who is going to take it all away? If you have collected household items or recycling that is not acceptable for Waste Management Services, we have the solution for you. Call Henderson’s Hauling and we’ll pick it up for you! (360) 403-7972 At Henderson's Hauling, we take the hassle out of hauling and recycling junk, so you don’t have to carry it or try to stuff it into your recycling bin. We are the #1 provider of junk removal and recycling services in Marysville and Northwestern Washington!

Recycling in Marysville helps everybody!

Most of the items that you have piled in garages, basements and attics can be reused by people in need. You don’t want to throw away usable items that are already inhibiting the planet and taking up space in landfills. We are more than happy to take your stuff! Clothes, antiques, lamps, tons of collectables, estate leftovers, old appliances… Whatever you have, we will haul it away! Storing old items in your house or garage attracts rodents, dust, spiders and all kinds of filth that we know you would rather not have. We know what to do with all of that stuff! Leave it to Henderson’s Hauling to take and recycle the things you no longer need.

Pros of calling us to recycle your stuff

  1. A clean space renews you.
  2. If you are selling, a clean home attracts more buyers.
  3. Reduces pollution
  4. Prevents waste of useful materials
  5. Materials such as plastics, paper and glass are collected and sent for reprocessing into new products.
  6. Recycling helps conserve the use of natural resources.
  7. We’ll take the reusable items to the proper locations to save you money, time and stress.

How we do it.

Give us a call and tell us what you need picked up. You organize what you want hauled away and we’ll schedule an appointment. Our team of hauling specialists come right to you and lift the heavy and awkward materials including boxes, furniture, old car parts, old tools, mismatched items, play sets, swimming pools, toys, shelves, paneling. Whatever you want to get rid of, we will do it for you.  We help communities thrive in Northwestern Washington and Marysville! We are proud to serve Marysville and the surrounding areas in Northwestern Washington. We have been in business for over 30 years and take pride in our customer satisfaction and our service record. Our trucks are clean, we show up on time, and we follow through with every job.  Our team respects your family and your property while ensuring a safe and quality pickup every time. We offer a wide range of services, including recycling pickup for businesses, construction cleanup, and moving-out services for renters.

Customer Satisfaction is our Priority

At Henderson’s Hauling, customer service is our number one priority. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience, whether it's through our high-quality services or friendly staff. We are proud to be a local business and family owned; your satisfaction is guaranteed when you choose us to remove your large recycling and unusable items. You can trust Henderson’s Hauling to help you with your hauling & recycling needs. At Henderson’s Hauling, we know that every job is important to our clients. We do what it takes to ensure a job well done. We have an outstanding reputation in Marysville and the surrounding areas because of our dedication to providing quality customer service combined with excellent value and reliability.

Efficient and Reliable Service

Our customers have come to depend on us for reliable and efficient service. Whether you are a homeowner or a business, we are always available to our customers. We take pride in doing our job well, and it shows. We know how busy life can be, so we will be there when you need junk hauling and recycling services in Marysville.

Feel the sense of relief, accomplishment and satisfaction.

  Marysville Recycling Services Imagine walking into your garage and feeling that sense of  a clean, open space. A clean, clear property does wonders for your health. You will feel refreshed, renewed and relieved after we remove the clutter and disarray in your space. Call Henderson’s Hauling today for junk hauling and recycling!  (360) 403-7972

Property Cleanout

Do you have scrap, junk, branches, and leaves in your back yard? Do you need assistance cleaning out a hoarder’s apartment? Or maybe you just need your old camper trailers removed? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Henderson’s Hauling Recycling & Cleanup in Arlington, WA, should be your first call.

UHAUL Truck Rentals

Need to haul or move in the local area. Rent one of our UHAUL trucks today!

Ready to Start Recycling?

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Junk Removal Everett WA

In need of an Everett local hauling service to assist you with your junk removal needs?

Henderson’s Hauling is an Everett junk hauling company that offers professional, thorough, and efficient junk hauling services.

Continue reading to learn more about our Everett hauling services or get in touch with Henderson’s Hauling today to speak with one of our team members.

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