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Full-Service Junk Removal

Junk Removal

If you’ve been looking for reliable junk recycling, removal, and hauling service, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Henderson’s Hauling, our skilled team of local haulers is ready to do the dirty work for you and help get your home or business decluttered and looking fresh.

Continue reading to learn more about our junk hauling and removal services or contact Henderson’s Hauling to schedule a waste removal today!

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Professional & Environment-Friendly Junk Hauling Services

Here at Henderson’s Hauling, we do junk removal right.

Whether you need yard waste or construction debris removed, want help clearing out an eviction property, or need any other kind of junk removal, our thorough, customer-focused service will quickly get the job done.

We’ve witnessed firsthand the impact that clutter can have on an individual’s mental well-being and anxiety levels and we want to help each of our clients free themselves from the burden that clutter imposes.

Continue reading to learn more about our junk pickup services or give us a call to request an immediate junk removal estimate.

Our Junk Pickup Services

Our team of local junk hauling professionals is extremely skilled and experienced at handling various types of junk removals. Some of our main junk removal services include the following six sections.

Full-service Junk Removal

Our full-service junk cleanup is designed for big removal projects.

With our full-service junk disposal plan, our experts can remove anything that needs relocating (minus hazardous waste) from any space on your home or property.

Whether you need us clearing junk from your attic or hauling stuff out of your garage, we have you covered.

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Property Cleanup

Another type of junk removal that we offer is property cleanups.

We know how overwhelming it can be to keep your outdoor space tidy on top of maintaining your home’s interior and we want to alleviate some of your stress by offering our property cleanup services to you.

We can remove scrap metal, natural debris, concrete, or old camper trailers to give you a restored, fresh landscape.

Eviction Cleanouts

Our junk removal specialists can also assist you with eviction cleanouts.

Our team has experience dealing with eviction cleanouts and understands how to handle them efficiently. Each of our team members will follow the court order in regards to the items of the evicted person. We will place them in the front yard and we will await local police instructions from there.

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junk hauling service

Yard Waste Removal

If your home has recently seen a storm blow through and you are struggling to take care of the debris on your own, get in touch with Henderson’s Hauling. We can take care of fallen trees and other natural debris so that you don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting or acquiring the equipment that comes with storm cleanup.

Additional Junk Removal Services

As a full-service junk hauling company, we also offer:

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What Our Junk Hauling Company Removes

So what type of junk and debris does Henderson’s Hauling remove?

Luckily for you, our crew, trucks, and equipment allow us to easily haul various types of debris and junk, including:

  • Debris removal
  • Brush removal
  • Emergency tarping & board Up
  • Scrap metal removal
  • Storm disaster clean up
  • Concrete/asphalt hauling

Local Hauling Service & Junk Removal Company

Ready to clean up your home, business, or property? Henderson’s Hauling would be happy to assist you in restoring your home or business aesthetics to what they used to be through our premium junk removal services.

To learn more about our pricing or availability, get in touch with Henderson’s Hauling today. One of our team members would be happy to answer your questions or schedule you for a junk removal service.


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