Got Junk and Clutter? 7 Tips to Staying Organized

Stacks of books and magazines are piled in the corner, countertops are filled with papers and knickknacks, and the floor is strewn with the kids’ toys.

We are all familiar with clutter.

It relentlessly builds up in our homes on a daily basis. To make matters worse, no matter how many times you clean it up, it seems to come back twice as fast. You find yourself fighting a losing battle and wondering if you’ll ever find a way to truly keep the house clean and presentable. If it is any consolation, you are not alone. This is a problem many people face. But thankfully, there are tactics you can use to make those piles disappear.

7 Tips on How To Stay Organized and Fight Clutter

1. Find a Place for Things

Many clutter problems stem from the root of disorganization. Your things simply have no place where they get put back. Instead of moving your papers, tools, utensils, and toys from one clutter pile to another, find a place for each of those items to live. It will require consistency on your part to create a habit of returning items to where they belong. However, if that habit will ever solidify, each item needs a place to live. So, start by putting the scissors back in the same place every time. The next hurdle comes when you acquire new items. Your first order of business is to assign that item a place to live.

2. Your Stuff Should Have Friends

Junk Removal

Try and keep similar items together; give them some friends. The stapler should sit next to the tape dispenser. The sharpies shouldn’t be too far away from the highlighters. The photo paper should be good friends with your stationery and notebooks. When it comes to your stuff, social cliques are quite useful.

3. Enough Housing for Everyone

Oftentimes, success in this area requires finding adequate storage space. Consider purchasing some plastic drawer sets and filing cabinet, or install some shelves or additional cupboards. Large but shallow boxes can slide easily under a bed. You might be surprised how a little extra organizational space will help you clear off your desk and counters.

4. Just Too Much Stuff

Clutter is a sign that you have a lot of stuff. This does beg the question, “Do you have too much stuff?” In our culture of consumerism, we end up acquiring a great number of products. The older you get, the most stuff you’ll acquire, and you may feel cursed with piles of clutter that appear to be growing exponentially! Analyze your array of belongings and see if any of them items have outlived their usefulness. In some cases, clutter is just a pile of trash waiting for a trip to the garbage can.

5. Temper Your Feelings of Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a very sweet and valid emotion. However, beware the pleasant feelings associated with a lot of your things may quickly turn to feelings of frustration and resentment if they are kept as a pile of clutter. Consider taking photos of those beloved items. Collections of childhood and high school awards and trophies are just as fondly remembered as a small photo on your child’s bedroom wall than as a pile of clutter that occupies the entire surface of their dresser. Or, instead of throwing them away, simply box them up and store them in an out-of-the-way location. This clutter-solving method is also a great way to not take your memories for granted. Years later, it’s fun to open the boxes and enjoy those memories over again. Keeping only your most treasured items on the shelf will help keep your mind and house clear of clutter.

6. Beware of the Boxes


While keeping boxes of important things is entirely justified, be sure the boxes are holding items you actually use. Boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations are only helpful if you actually use all the figurines, stuffed animals, wall hangings, containers, plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, ornaments, garland, lights, bells, candles, and all the other Christmas items you store year round. Use the “Since when?” test. Ask yourself, “Since when have I used this?” If it hasn’t been used in over two years, tossing or giving away the item would be a good clutter-smashing decision. While you don’t want to offend Aunt Milly by throwing away the green and red checkerboard tablecloth she gave you, limiting your storage space to include only your favorite, frequently-used items is a must.

7. How to Toss the Junk

As you sort through your clutter, your pile of junk will steadily increase. Getting rid of junk is an important issue. While small items are easy to toss, what do you do with larger items? That broken armchair in the basement won’t fit in a trash bag, and some of your items may be listed as hazardous and cannot be disposed of in the usual manner. It’s in your best interest to call a junk removal service to come cart away your clutter. Its a fast and easy solution to your clutter removal issue.

These seven easy tips will empower you to keep those clutter piles to a minimum. Even during the busy seasons of life, the clutter piles will be smaller and the clean up will be faster if you consistently apply these pointers.

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