18 March, 2022

Clean up your property with junk removal and free appliance pick-up

Are you weighed down with too much junk? Are you tired of not being able to find anything in an overfilled garage? Does stuff fall out of your closets as soon as you open them? Have you had it with a yard full of debris? Do you have tons of unusable items cluttering your life? 

You have to clean it up! You’ve got to have peace of mind! It won’t happen until your space is clean and tidy. You tell yourself you’ll deal with it every weekend, but you don’t, and the kids stare at it without doing anything! It’s an overwhelming task, and the undertaking will take weeks to clean by yourself.

Henderson Hauling removes junk and puts your mind to rest!

You don’t have to take it anymore! You need a break from the burden of too much stuff!  Relief is on the way when you call Henderson’s Hauling. (360) 403-7972

We arrive at your home to pick up, demolish, deconstruct and assist you with full-service junk removal. We haul away piles of debris and unused items, including concrete piles, fallen trees, rusty furniture, old tires, cars, boats, and more. Whether your mess is big or small, we’ll make sure your junk is gone.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed anymore. We’ll help you feel better by getting rid of all that stuff.

We do complete property cleanouts, haul away waste and rubbish, renovation leftovers, remnants from construction projects, leftover sheetrock, spackling, and more. We’ll recycle what we can and take care of the rest.

Junk Removal Services restore your property.

You’ve made a great decision to help keep your home in order, but only if you start now! Our team of award-winning professionals will tackle the mess for you and leave your property neat.

We are well known in the Arlington area for providing fast and efficient junk removal services at a great price. Our well-trained, experienced professionals care about your satisfaction.

Our junk removal team is vetted with background checks and is known for trustworthiness and decency in the Arlington area. We treat your home and property with the utmost respect while getting the job done quickly. We arrive on time and complete the job to your satisfaction. We will exceed your expectations and leave you with a feeling of renewal when your property is clean and restored.

Free Appliance Removal Special Offer!

When you call us to come out for a job cost estimate, we’ll give you a complimentary appliance removal service. We will remove a broken-down appliance from your property when you call us for a junk removal quote.

Do you have an old refrigerator that’s rusting away in the garage? What about a broken washing machine? Appliances are heavy, cumbersome, and hard to move. Without a truck to haul them away, those appliances hang around for years. We will take that big old rusty eyesore away, and you’ll never have to see it again.

How does it work?

All you have to do is call us, Henderson Hauling, at (360) 403-7972. We’ll set a date for us to meet you at your property and look at what else needs hauling. While we’re there, we’ll take away your giant appliance. Free of charge!

Only Arlington residents get this once-in-a-lifetime offer! Your zip code must be 98223 to qualify for this free service. Appliances must be in the garage or driveway. Some restrictions apply.

Need a trailer? Rent a trailer.

You have the option to rent a 10 Yard Dump Trailer to throw away your unusable material. Offer is for 98223 residents only. $400 plus tax . May be subject to an additional fuel/delivery charge. Call for more information. (360) 403-7972

Henderson Hauling is different from the rest.

Our personal touch and how we can handle tough and messy jobs have made a name for us and given us lifelong customers. We are fast, friendly, professional, and work with a smile. We care about your home and property and work carefully and intentionally, so nothing gets damaged. We don’t like saying no, and we like doing things as soon as possible! Our motto is “Yes, we can!”

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our awesome reviews!

“These guys were amazing from start to finish. I highly recommend them. Fast, reliable and good communication.  They did about a half acre of junk, covered in raspberry bushes in just 3 days. Including a mobile home that had disintegrated down to the frame.  I just can’t say enough. Highly, highly recommended.” ~ Crystal T., Marysville


“Henderson’s hauling was amazing! They were SO quick to respond and were at our house to pick up a large couch within the hour! They were super nice when they came by, and I really appreciate how fast they came by. Thanks so much!” ~ Hannah J., Arlington


“Henderson’s Hauling is awesome, and Shane and his guys are all great. My wife and I just moved to the area and they helped to move our very heavy piano down a narrow flight of stairs to our “basement” area, as well as moving a heavy couch up for us so we could haul to the dump (and at no extra charge). I will definitely use them again for future moves and definitely recommend to anyone looking! Good service, very professional, and nice people all around.” ~Matt H., Everett

Call Henderson Hauling for Good ol’ local junk hauling, recycling & clean up! Clean up your space for less.

(360) 403-7972