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At Henderson’s Hauling, Recycling, & Cleanup, our team knows how messy construction can be. We specialize in construction cleanup services in Arlington, WA, including junk removal,  brush removal, demolition, property cleanouts, and more. 

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construction clean up services

A Need for a Construction Cleanup Service

Construction crews and site operators have many moving elements to manage, including painters, carpenters, and other contractors. When construction has ended, the resulting cleanup often requires many hands to complete and the use of different contracting services. 

Hiring post-construction cleaning services helps construction companies save money by reducing labor costs, consolidating the cleanup service, and providing trained experts who can get the job done quickly, for less. 

Our Services

At Henderson’s Hauling, Recycling, & Cleanup, we take our commitment to quality services seriously. Whether you’re searching for “post-construction cleaning near me” because you’ve built a new property or demolished an old one, our team has you covered. 

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction services from our team at Henderson’s Hauling, Recycling, & Cleanup involve brush removal, demolition, dumpster rental, and more. 

Post-Construction Services

For sites with completed construction, we offer a full line of detailed cleaning services to help get your property ready for auction or sale. Customers searching for “construction cleanup service near me” should call now to get started. 

High Dusting

Dust removal is essential for smooth paint jobs, safe appliance installations, and so much more. Our team dusts all surfaces thoroughly to ensure a clean, optimal environment for painters, plumbers, and other contractors to succeed. 

Vertical and Sill Cleaning

We clean all ceilings, window sills, high molding, and other hard-to-reach elements safely and effectively, reducing your risk. 

Spot Cleaning Walls

Sometimes, construction efforts leave smudges on pristine plaster walls. Our team goes behind and leaves no trace, giving your property a professional finished look. 

Wiping Interior Glass and Windows

Glass installation and post-construction painting sometimes leave marks on new window panes. We clean up the smudges to let the sunshine in, no matter how large or high up the window is. 

All Hard Floor Services

As part of our post-construction cleaning service, we clean all floors to a mirror shine, preparing your property for guests, life, and prospective buyers alike. 

Benefits of Construction Cleanup Service

If you’ve ever been responsible for cleaning up a construction site, you understand that it’s quite an undertaking. Hiring a professional post-construction cleaning service can put the finishing touches on a job well done. Construction clean up services benefit managers and property owners by: 

  • Offering detail-oriented cleaning, from ceilings to sawdust
  • Saving on labor costs
  • Eliminating the need to hire or manage more workers
  • Handling waste pickup and disposal 
  • Providing cleaner, safer facilities and construction areas
  • Preparing properties for finishing and sale
  • And more

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Reliable Construction Cleanup Services Near You

If you’re searching for “post-construction cleaning services near me”, we have you covered. At Henderson’s Hauling, Recycling, & Cleanup, we’re Arlington’s leading construction cleanup service. Reach out to us today to request a quote and get started on post-renovation cleaning and more. 

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